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Our Ensembles for 2019-2020

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.

Winston Churchill

The Concert Band (Course# MU-100-1) is the usual entry level ensemble for students entering the 6th grade at Glenwood.  Students in this band are from the 6th and 7th grade and havestudied their instrument from 1 to 3 years. Members of the Concert Band work on ensembleplaying skills, rhythm, intonation and other performance techniques. The Concert Band will represent Glenwood at  the annual Howard County Middle School Band Adjudication in March 2020. The Concert Band will also perform on the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert.

The Concert Band rehearses everyday during Period 2 (8:42 - 9:32am).

The Wind Ensemble (Course# MU-300-1)is Glenwood’s advanced band. This group’s performers are usually7th and 8th grade students who have studied their instrument from 2 to 4 years. Advanced performing  6th grade students are included in this group, but they are first askedto play a placement audition for the director.

Wind Ensemble students are young musicians who are very dedicated to their instrument.Many members of this group takes private lessons. The Wind Ensemble performs level 2-4 band music, and will represent Glenwood at the annual Howard County Middle School Band Assessment in March 2020. The Wind Ensemble will also perform on the Winter Concert and on the Spring Concert.

The Wind Ensemble rehearses  everyday during Period 7 (1:35-2:25 pm).  

The Jazz Ensemble is a premier select group of young musicians who rehearse one time per week after school hours as an Academic Intramural Selection for this group is not limited to grade level but is at the discretion of the director. The Jazz Ensemble performs music of theJazz, Pop, Rock and Blues idioms composed especially for young bands. This group is open to all students who play or wish to perform on a “Jazz Instrument. These instruments include electric bass, guitar, piano, and drum set along with the saxophones, trumpets and trombones.

The Jazz Ensemble meets after school on Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:45 pm. The Jazz Ensemble performs at the Towson Jazz Festival  in January, The Westminster Jazz Festival, the GlenwooShowcase of Stars and at and the Hershey Park Music Festival.  The Jazz Ensemble will again perform with the Glenelg H.S. Jazz Ensemble at the Jazz Under The Stars concert on May 23, 2020

Our Core Values

The Glenwood Bands’ Core values are the traits or qualities that we consider not just worthwhile, but represent a students’ and class’s  highest priorities, most deeply held beliefs, and core, fundamental driving forces. Our Core Values form the foundation for everything that we strive to accomplish in our band classes, rehearsals, and performances. The core values of the students and band director, along with their experiences, upbringing, and knowledge, meld together to form our Glenwood Middle School Band Classroom and Performance Culture.

Click here to view our Glenwood Middle School Band Core Values.

Through music you set in motion a mighty power which silently, but surely, in the end, will humanize, refine, and elevate a whole community-M.T.N.A. Proceedings - 1913

How Playing An Instrument Benefits Your BRAIN

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